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Experience, flexibility and innovation.
We are artists who merge our passion for research, quality and innovation with our capacity for technology and production. This why, for more than 40 years, our products have been—and continue to be—chosen by leading transport and handling equipment construction companies right across Europe.

Our departments


A production department of more than 3000 square meters consisting of presses for hot and cold thermoforming of sound-absorbing sheets. We select raw materials according to the specific safety standards of each sector, based on characteristics of resistance to low, medium or high temperatures and fire.


The combination of experience and attention to detail means that we can tailor any request, from bags and suitcases through to bellows and outdoor awnings. If you have an idea, we can realise it.


We have an advanced automatic cutting system for leather goods, supported by CAD software that allows us to minimise waste while optimising working times and cutting precision. This means that our processing cycle has excellent speed and productivity.


Today we are able to create unique products, combining technical materials and digitised processes with the highest artisan traditions required to make quality Italian leather goods. Our added value is that we have an internal style office that transforms ideas into multisensory emotions.

Our history

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The Group in the world

Quality, flexibility and innovation are our creed, to which we remain steadfastly faithful. This clear vision has led the EME Group to expanding, winning over prestigious customers throughout Europe, while in 2021, under the guidance of Giandomenico Olivero, we expanded into the Australian market with the opening of a second office.