Railway Industries

Let’s travel the world together, with our products as your silent partner giving you the confidence of quality.
Since 1970, the EME Group has been listening to fully understand the specific needs of our customers so we can work with them to create and design customised solutions. Our production departments provide the full range of materials and the expertise in technical sewing, thermoforming of sound absorbing materials and leather processing. Across Europe, our products are consistently chosen by leading companies in the transport, automotive, rail, marine and defense industries.


360° service

Our team of engineers, architects, interior designers and specialised technicians supports customers in the conception and design of customised solutions. We offer consultancy throughout, as we develop technical drawings for the production of molds and for the realisation of interior and exterior design projects. Our design and development office also researches materials for production, to ensure we meet the customer’s needs while complying with international safety regulations, all in line with the established budget.

Companies that trust us