Limitless possibilities

The EME Group produces prototypes and manufactures the finished products for extremely diverse sectors, thanks to the use of advanced technology, innovative materials and the latest-generation molding and assembly machinery. In addition to processing technical projects and related prototypes, we follow the entire production phase, whether for single pieces, short runs or large numbers. We are at your side throughout the project, customising it as necessary to achieve all specificities. Our continuous internal innovation means that we have the technology and the specialised technical staff needed to carry out your specific project. But most importantly, we listen to you.

  This symbol indicates the position of the components we manufacture.

The components we produce

  • Cabin set-ups
  • Ceilings
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of engine compartments
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of cabins

Some processes

360° service

Our team of engineers, architects, interior designers and specialised technicians supports customers in the conception and design of customised solutions. We offer consultancy throughout, as we develop technical drawings for the production of molds and for the realisation of interior and exterior design projects. Our design and development office also researches materials for production, to ensure we meet the customer’s needs while complying with international safety regulations, all in line with the established budget.